LEPS presentation

The Laboratoire Éducations et Promotion de la Santé (LEPS UR 3412)

The LEPS is one of the 30 laboratories of the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord and one of the 12 laboratories of the Ufr Santé Médecine et Biologie humaine on the Bobigny campus where it is located. This single-team research unit changed its name during this five-year period (2017-2022), on September 15, 2021, to become Laboratoire Educations et Promotion de la santé UR 3412 in view of the evolution of its research themes and the progressive orientation of its main research question: what are the conditions for supporting individual, collective and organizational powers of action through the prism of health education, training and support in order to act on health determinants and increase individual and collective freedom of well-being? To answer this research question, three interdependent research themes are defined. They concern :

a) Individual and collective skills to support the power to act of patients, users and supported persons
b) Health-promoting environments
c) Reorientation of healthcare services and professional training courses

Awards and honors

Ma thèse en 180'

Imani Ramazani, PhDs at the Nursing Sciences Research Chair won the USPN "ma thèse en 180'" competition.

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Doctorat Honoris Causa - Monique ROTHAN-TONDEUR

Honorary doctorate from the University of Kindu (Democratic Republic of Congo) 2022

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Prix National de l'Ordre des Pharmaciens - Laurence Spiesser-Robelet

Winner of the Ordre des Pharmaciens 2022 National Award

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Prix international Reconnaissance - Monique ROTHAN-TONDEUR

International Lifetime Achievement Award, SIDIIEF International Nursing Conference - Ottawa 2022

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Prix national de pédagogie - GROSS, O. RUELLE, Y. MARCHAND, C. MERCIER, A., GAGNAYRE, R.

The National College of General Practitioners Teaching Award in 2021. On the occasion of its 20th national congress, the national college of general practitioners awarded its prize for the PEP13 program for its originality, the durability of this program concerning the three years of training of interns in general medicine

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Grand prix des Transmetteurs en 2019 - GROSS, O. RUELLE, Y. MARCHAND, C. MERCIER, A., GAGNAYRE, R.

The Grand Prix des Transmetteurs in 2019 awarded by the association Les Transmetteurs, the Groupe Pasteur Mutualité and the company Global Média Santé, in the "primary care" category.

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Label "droits des usagers" - GROSS, O. RUELLE, Y. MARCHAND, C. MERCIER, A., GAGNAYRE, R.

Users' rights" label in 2019 awarded by the Île-de-France Regional Health Agency.

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Prix "Passion Enseignement et Pédagogie dans le Supérieur" - GROSS, O. RUELLE, Y. MARCHAND, C. MERCIER, A., GAGNAYRE, R.

"Passion for Teaching and Pedagogy in Higher Education" award in 2019 given by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

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