Research topics

Analysis of health practices and organizations as they relate to education for health

  • Analysis of the impact of health literacy on prevention and education for health
  • Analysis of educational practices in primary health care; contribution to reducing health inequities
  • Innovative cooperative practices and education for health: efficiency and equity of the patient care pathway; contribution of outreach community-based contractual partnershipss innovantes et éducations en santé : efficience et équité des parcours de soin ; Apport des partenariats contractuels communautaires de proximité

Models and assessment of therapeutic education and education for health


  • Therapeutic education for patients with multimorbidity: psychiatric patients and cardiovascular patients at multidisciplinary healthcare centers
  • "Education to Bring Care and Aid” (EPSS), family health education
  • Experimental therapeutic education program in foot care for Type 2 diabetes patients.


  • Tool for educational assessment of patient competencies: validity for therapeutic patient education practices
  • Analysis of international, national and regional therapeutic patient education practices,
  • Analysis of the changing role of caregivers in the context of therapeutic patient education, caregiver training, contribution of information and communication technology.

Patient comprehension and compliance and changes in the role and status of patients


a) Patient comprehension and compliance; it endeavors to answer the questions: “how do patients understand and learn about their disease?” and “why and how do patients follow/fail to follow doctors’ orders?”

  • Patient reasoning, strategies in play
  • Structuring of patient knowledge between cognition and emotion
  • “Patient semiology” model: the case of “sentinel” patients
  • Patient treatment compliance and caregiver behavior

b) Changes in the status and role of patients for the purpose of empowering them and creating a therapeutic alliance with caregivers.

  • Expert patients, resource patients and patient educators
  • Analysis of patient exchanges on internet forums
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